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Been a couple months! Being a full time live-in Barn Tech (fancy term for farm hand :D) wears ya out, specially anymore for me. But I figured I'd check in with yall, let yall know I'm still alive! Also let yall in on some big news...Me and Twitch got a dog! I know that sounds odd, me and my dog got a dog...but thats kinda how things work with Twitch. Now this might not sound like a big deal to some folks, but to me this is right up there with having a kid. When I get a dog, I commit to 10-15 years of training, caring, working and loving that animal.
Any of yall who've followed along for any amount of time know how much I involve Twitch in my life...thats not a good way to put it. Twitch is with me everyday, all day all night everywhere I go, to the point that I get rather detached and disoriented if she isnt with me. That probably sounds odd, but I orient myself around Dog all the time and when she aint with me its like when you go to lean on a wall and theres no wall there. Theres a theory on that called emotional fusion, I wont go into that...but to the point, Where I go my dog goes, Where my dog goes I go.
So you see that I invest everything into my dogs, I've spent countless hours training with Twitch, the decision to take on a second dog was rather large.

 Lucca by Wolfegard

So now I come to Lucca, a 12 or 13 month old Austrian import german shepherd. I was called in to train him, and found he was in a backyard in a tight Northern VA subdivision and he was not happy. He's a working dog, very high drive, so being locked in a backyard caused him to dig and chew and bark and make a huge mess, and the owners only way of handling it was to beat him. Now most dogs that have been "beaten" ya know they act your going to beat them if you raise your voice or your hand have never had a hand laid on them, they just have very Shy temperament. Dogs know who beat them....
Lucca though, would not even stand near his owner, he'd lay down and crawl and just shut down....but away from him and around anyone else he is fine, though being that he missed alot of socialization he does have some less that desirable habits.

I had been having thoughts about taking on another dog, but was looking at a different shepherd. A Czech dog, tough and compact and serious as hell. But when I was caught between the two...Lucca won out. I thought maybe the Czech dog would be too serious, and the Czech imports are notorious for being short lived. Excellent working dogs, bout the best in my opinion, but they dont put much work into their health as far as things that wont effect their working ability for a few years. And then too, Lucca needed me...the other dog didnt.
I had my doubts after getting Lucca, he was a beaten back yard dog and seriously lacking crucial socialization though his temperament is very sound. I was thinking he might be more work than I wanted to put in to that sorta thing and possibly not much pay off in the end, he'll always have his socialization issues to some degree...which means he wouldnt do well with bite work at all or the other things unless he really improves (which is possible!). I ask alot from my dogs.
But Twitch, who has little use for dogs, claimed him. She likes him and thats about as great a compliment there is! They walk side by side everywhere they go, when one is laying down the other is nearby, when Lucca's in his crate Twitch is laying up against it.....So we're keeping him Dance!
My Pups by Wolfegard

Anyways, didnt plan on being so long winded...months in a barn will do that I reckon!
Take care yall!


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United States
Everyday is an adventure, I just try to share mine as much as I can.

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Wolfshead28 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy Birthday have a great day! :)
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Wolfshead28 Featured By Owner Edited Mar 25, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope you are ok Buddy and that life is good for you and Twitch! :)
Found these Bluegrass Instrumental Covers of Free Bird and Sweet Home Alabama and Dixie And Bonnie Blue Flag Traditionally Played and thought I would share them with you! :)………
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Wolfshead28 Featured By Owner Edited Feb 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Found out today that the old defunct paper mill near here used to print Confederate Bank Notes for the Confederacy and I thought of You and Twitch!
Hope you are well. :)
Here is a link about it. :)…
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Feles85 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2015   Traditional Artist
I'm Really glad that you like my "Ver Sacrum" which has a very ancient meaning.
See you :)
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Wolfshead28 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Howdy Stranger I am back here on the world wide web! Hope you and Twitch are ok. :)
Talk Soon I hope. :)
Regards from England W
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